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Helen Boudreaux

I was born Hélène Jeanne Boudreaux in the Cajun community of Catahoula in St. Martin Parish in South Louisiana.

I am a Cajun singer, songwriter, recording artist and author.

I pride myself for having been an over the road, line haul "Lady Trucker" for 10 years.

I am the mother of 4 daughters and 4 sons, grandmother to 23 grandchildren and great grandmother to seven great grandchildren.

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As a Cajun musician, I have been nominated 4 times by the Cajun French Music Awards (CFMA) for "Female Vocalist of the Year". I was twice winner of that category, in 1994 and 1996. In 1992 I won the nomination for "Best Single of the Year".

I have recorded 3 albums (CD's); "Pour Tout Ma Famille" in 1992, "Une Deuxieme Chance" in 1995, and "Truck Driving Cajun Mama", my most recent release, in 1998. All are French songs except for three Country Western songs in the latest CD.

I have also won the 1997 CFMA Heritage Award for the work I do in the promotion of our children who play Cajun music.

One of my CD's was selected by Bayou Beat Magazine from New Orleans, LA as "Album of the Month". I have also received an Americanism Award by the Arnaudville Post Louisiana VFW for a song I wrote in my Native French called "Nos Soldat" (Our Soldiers").

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"La Table Française"

I compose my own music. The songs I write are of love and life, sadness and happiness, and memories of my past. Many people have said that they can find themselves in my songs by listening to me sing them. I think I am the first Cajun artist to compose solely, original songs that I have recorded. When I was 54 I bought a used guitar and rented a video from the library on how to learn to play the guitar at home. I am completely self taught and very proud of that fact.

The writing of my songs and my autobiography have been very therapeutic.
I am limited on my physical activities.

I have written my first book titled "Cajun Survivor". I write of how I grew up on my Papa's farm as a sharecropper's daughter and how I worked in the fields with a hoe and shovel and picked cotton and pepper to help earn the family's living. I wrote of my father's love for me and my 8 brothers and 5 sisters, of my Papa's courage and strength and the hardship life he endured and survived 'till the day that God took him home. My Papa was and still is my hero.

My second book will be a closure to the first one.
I didn't write the first one for publication, but for my kids to know how I had lived.

I am proud of my Acadian and Cajun ancestry and of my culture and heritage. I encourage everyone to continue speaking our Native French. I am active in the preservation and promotion of the Cajun French language, and a member of the "French Table" group which meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I donate my time to help at charity functions, fund raisers, community projects and more.

I am the founder of a Children's Cajun Music jam session which takes place on the first Sunday of each month in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. I am also the founder of the "Young Stars of Cajun Music Wall of Fame". I see the need to encourage and help our youngsters in their musical pursuits.

I am the also founder of another event held annually: "Festivals des Jeunes Musicians Cadiens". These children musicians are called the "Young Aces of Cajun Music". I book them at festivals statewide and at other occasions as well.

I also initiated a fiddle jam session for beginners each month in Breaux Bridge.



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