"Festival Des Jeunes Musicien Cadiens"

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Helen Boudreaux
(President, Founder)

"Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame" 1999

"Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame" 2000

"Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame" 2001

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To all of the Young Aces of Cajun Music. I want to wish them all the best life has to give them. These kids are worthy of that and more. They have made my life richer by being part of it as the Young Aces and accepting to be part of my "Wall of Fame" program. I am proud of them all and I love them all. Keep on playing our beautiful Louisiana music, which ever one they chose to play. And for this New Year and all of those to come, I want to wish them productive and prosperous years throughout their lives. Keep that music in their heart's and share it with others. Thanks from Ms. Helen...

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"Young Stars Of Cajun Music"

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  • Members: "Wall Of Fame"

I would like for you to meet three of the Young Aces who played on my third CD, "Truck Driving Cajun Mama".

First is Gary Usie from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Gary plays accordion, guitar, bass and drums. He does a little singing. He plays music with many of the best Cajun artist in this area. He was one of the members in Hunter Hayes band for a few years. At the time Gary worked with me on my CD, he was 15. He played accordion on my CD.

And now I would like for you to meet Jason Bergeron. Jason plays accordion, fiddle and drums. He has won countless accordion and fiddle contest. He was 12 years old when we recorded my CD. He also plays with some of our top bands in our area. He was also a member of the Hunter Hayes band. He has toured with Hunter. Jason and Gary have both performed Cajun music on national TV with Hunter. They both recorded with Hunter on his first CD. Jason played fiddle, drums and accordion on my CD.

And now, Matthew Cormier, 13 from Church Point. Matthew plays accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums and sings Cajun songs. He played drums on my song "Gabriel". The reason his picture is not on my CD cover is because after all had been completed, I went into the studio to add that one song. I am sorry about that. If I press CD's again, I will include his picture on the next cover. Gary, Jason and Matthew are all members of our "Young Stars Of Cajun "Music Wall Of Fame" which is located in Breaux Bridge, LA. Gary, Jason and Matthew play at many Festivals.

Cajun Spotlight

November 1996


...one of the highlights of the weekend was the chance for 17 young Cajun musicians to perform with the scheduled bands. Ranging in age from 5 to 16, they impressed everybody with their musical ability and self-assurance. Helen Boudreaux came up with the idea; it is likely to be done at next May's Crawfish Festival...

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Young Ace For Hire

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All of the Helen's "Young Aces" get a chance to play music as they take turns in a rotating schedule.

Helen Boudreaux and the Young Aces

Top Row; Seth Henry, Mary Tweedel & Seth Guidry

Bottom; Helen, Blaisen Leblanc & Lyle Guidry

Helen Boudreaux is very proud of these youngsters. It is very heart warming and rewarding to see these Cajun kids progress so well with such interest in their learning all about our Cajun music culture...

The Baton Rouge State Fair was held on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2000.  The Young Aces performed on the main stage.  The band members are (from left to right)  Seth Henry, Seth Guidry, Hillary Guidry, Blasin LeBlanc, Mary Twedeel, Lyle Guidry and Ms. Helen

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Seth Henry, 13 year's old from Church Point, La. "Wall of Fame" member also. Seth plays bass, guitar and is learning to play fiddle.  He has played with several Cajun bands at many Festivals around the South Louisiana area. Among the "several awards" he has won, he is also a recipient of the International Disney Millennium Dreamers Award. Seth has appeared on many television and radio programs. There is much to be said about this very talented youngster. And he is just beginning. His 4 year old brother Zack is following his footsteps.

Mary Tweedel, 10 years old from Church Point, La. and is a member of the Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame". Mary has been playing accordion since age 5. She also plays fiddle, drums, guitar and occasionally sings. She has won many awards  for her talent including recognition from McDonalds and Disney as a Millennium Dreamers Award recipient. She played for Governor Foster's Inauguration  Soiree. This Cajun girl's list of efforts, achievements and accomplishments are endless and her mom and dad are proud of their little girl.

Lyle Guidry is 13 years old from Iota, La. He started learning to play the accordion 2 years ago and only in the last 6 months has he been playing in public. He has performed with several award winning bands and has been seen playing at several festivals. He is also learning to play the fiddle. His joy for Cajun music has been passed down to his younger brother, Gavin, who is learning to play the accordion and sing.  He is a nominee for the Young Cajun's Music Wall of Fame.

Seth Guidry, 11 year's old from Arnaudville, La. He plays accordion, drums and sings occasionally. He has been paying Cajun music for 3 years. He plays professionally. Seth has been featured on two television specials for his talent.   Among his accomplishments, he is also a member of the Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame". His 8 year old sister Hilary follows his footsteps.

Blaisen Leblanc, 6 years old is from Breaux Bridge, La. There he is with Randy, his dad, two generations of drummers. Together they have been known to thrill the crowds at the Crawfish Festival 2000 in Breaux Bridge. Blaisen is also learning to play accordion and is doing great with it. He and his dad can be seen playing as a twosome at every first Sunday of the month  children's Cajun   music jam session at the Bayou Boudin Café in Breaux Bridge. He is a nominee for the Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame".

Helen Boudreaux, ageless, roots; Catahoula, La. but resides in Breaux Bridge. Several years ago, she put her musical career on hold  to be able to help all of these youngsters with their Cajun music talent's and endeavors,  a culture and heritage passed on down to us by our ancestors. Merci.

More "Young Ace's" for hire

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Aaron Chesson and his Texas "Triangle Ramblers" Cajun band

Top row: Joshua Taylor; bass, Aaron Chesson, band leader, accordion and vocals.
Bottom row: Adam Broussard, drums, Carrie Angelle, vocals, Helen Boudreaux, guitar and vocals.


"Another Young Ace"

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Derek Hebert and Les Ecrevettes


"Yet Another Young Ace"

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Brett Denais


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Mary Tweedel

"And Another Young Ace"

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Julian Devillier



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Colby Leger
Colby Leger is a 13 year old award winning accordion player from Church Point, La. Colby also plays drums with "Lyle Guidry and the Acadiana Heat Band" and is learning to play guitar. He has performed with several award winning bands and has been seen playing at several Festivals. He has appeared on local television and radio programs and has been nominated to the "Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame". He is a member of the "Young Aces".

Children's Cajun music jam sessions on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month beginning at 11 am till 2 pm at GJ's Seafood Restaurant in Branch, Louisiana. GJ's is located 5 miles north of Rayne on Hwy 35.


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